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On bias, birds and parents

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First some background. I love birds! I have feeders and houses all over my backyard. I watch them from my workspace every day. I know the times of the day certain birds come to the feeder. I log when the Painted Buntings show up every year. But there is something about Blue Jays.

When these beautiful birds show up at the feeder my heads says "ick, go away". Jays aren't particularly aggressive to other birds. They don't thrash seed from the feeder. There is nothing wrong with these birds, but I do know where this bias comes from, my parents.

They also loved to feed birds, but for some reason I never understood, disliked Blue Jays. They complained about them when they were at the feeder and scared them away all the time. Apparently this bias, some might call it hate, stuck with me. It's something I think about every time I see a Blue Jay. It's something I force myself to ignore and process through. I think about this when I say things around my kids. What am I teaching them to hate, or to love?